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Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY)

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SKY Meditation Center, BayArea (SKYBayArea), a California 501(c) non-profit is affiliated to the WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTRE (WCSC) India. - a non-profit , non-religious, non-political organization, promoting World Peace through Individual Peace.
SKY - Online Meditation:                                                            
New!! Special Online                                                                Satsangs on Sunday 6:00 - 7:00 pm PST - See at the bottom of this page!!
Time: Monday - Friday 6.30 AM - 7.00 PM (PST - California Time) . [ Indian time IST: 7 PM - 7.30                                                            PM ]                                                                 8.30 PM - 9.00 PM (PST - California Time) . [ Indian time IST: 9 AM -                                                            9.30 AM ]                                                            


Prerequisites: Must have been initiated at least                                                                Agna and Mooladhara meditations by a qualified SKY Master. Contact your local SKY                                                                center.


Fee: Free for online meditations*
                                                            (* one time fee of $25- $35 at the time of initiation in a local SKY center)
Conducted by: Online sessions are mostly conducted from USA or India                                                            by SKY Masters.
Request Form:                                                             Please type                   your  "SKYPE ID"  in the Message area and write                   about your SKY experience. Thanks. 
  1. Pl. fill out the above form first with your emailid and your SKYPEID.
  2. Please download skype software and create your Skype ID  (Click here for software instructions)
  3. In SKYPE add 'SKYBAYAREA'  skype id as new contact and also type a brief introduction about your SKY Experience.
  4. Moderator will accept  you and add to the 'Skybayarea Online Meditation Group'
  5. On the days mentioned below, please log on to skype with your skypeID and set your status as 'Available'.
  6. You will get a skype conference call from 'Skybayarea' as host. Accept it. (If your status is 'offline' - you will not get this call)
  7. If you login late, pls. type 'I' / 'IM' (Invite Me) - to 'Skybayarea'. Host will call you for the conference.
  8. You can say your greetings to the group at first ('Vazhga Valamudan')
  9. Then please 'Mute' your microphone in SKYPE (You can see  'mic' image below the list of members , just click on that , it will show 'your microphone is muted')
  10. Now relax your body and enjoy the meditation.
  11. You can always leave anytime during the session if you need to go.
  12. You can also use the SKYPE chat to see 'Special Blessings list' or other comments.
  13. Important: Be relaxed and continue your meditation all the way, during any disconnections or breaking voice quality or any disruptions.

Meditations:*(Meditations followed by 2mins of intraspection on the day ahead)
Monday Thuriyam
Tuesday Moolatharam
Wednesday Panchayendhirium  / 
Nine Center
Thursday Thuriyadheetham
Firday  Moolatharam
Saturday  -
Sunday  -
* New moon day / Full moon day - Navagraha thavam



Special Satsangs on Sundays (Using Webex Meeting)

Time: Every Sunday 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (PST: GMT - 08:00)


Agenda: Meditation (6:00 - 6:30 pm),  Special Speech (6:30 - 7:00 pm),  Q & A

To join the online meeting (Now available from mobile devices also!) 
By Computer

1. Go to 
2. If requested, enter your name and email address. 
3. If a password is required, enter the meeting password: VaazhgaValamudan 
4. Click "Join".

5. Click "Call Using Computer" if you use your computer to join the audio conference. Or, if you want to join the audio conference using your phone dial:
Call-in toll number (US/Canada): +1-408-600-3600 
Enter Access code:622 566 319

6. Mute your Mic when you're not speaking

7. Enter your questions in the chat window, if any.



By Phone Only: You can simply use your phone to dial in the following number from your phone and listen in as well.

Call-in toll number (US/Canada): +1-408-600-3600 
Enter Access code:622 566 319



Audio Recordings of these satsangs will be available in youtube (search and subscribe for skybayarea) or click here: