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Simplified Kundalini Yoga (SKY)

San Francisco Bay Area

SKY Meditation Center, BayArea (SKYBayArea), a California 501(c) non-profit is affiliated to the WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTRE (WCSC) India. - a non-profit , non-religious, non-political organization, promoting World Peace through Individual Peace.

General Procedure for conducting Individual / Group SKY Meditation



1.    Purification:

           The atmosphere around us is purified by the Divine Power.               (3 times)


2.         The Divine energy descends upon us and our bodies and souls are being purified and blessed. (3 times)


3.     Protection:

The Divine Power may protect us, guide us and lead us in all our activities, day and night, at all times and in all places.  


     4.        Salutation:

            Salutations to Mother. Salutations to Father. Salutations to the Master.



5      We are going to do "------------"  Meditation / Simplified Physical Exercises / Simplified Kundalini Yoga / Introspection / Hiking / Work

      6.     Start meditation at  "------------" (Your current meditation point)


7.    Be blessed by the Divine.

8.   Spread the energy throughout the body. All the cells in the body are purified and blessed.  (15 sec.)


9.   Auto suggestion:

By the grace of Divine,  we all may enjoy good health, long

life, prosperity, wisdom and peace.  (3 times)



10  Blessings:

   Bless your life-partner.  (Bring your life partner into your mental picture and bless mentally, saying “Be blessed by the Divine”)

11    Bless your children one by one. 

12    Bless your brothers and sisters.

13    Bless your close relatives and friends.

14    Bless your seniors, colleagues, subordinates and others connected with your duties. 

15.   Bless enemies or miscreants if any, so that they may also change and lead a good life.

16    Bless the Master Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi.

17.   Bless the World Community Service Center.

18.   Bless the local SKY Centers.

19.   Two-fold principle (if any contradiction arises can leave this)

      a)  I will not cause pain to anybody physically or mentally.

      b) To the extent possible I will remove the pain of others.


Blessings for the world: () (1 time)

May all the responsible world leaders understand

the dignity of self and attain self Realization

May all of them unite and form a powerful one world

government to protect the borders of all the countries of the world

May all the people thereby live without fear of enmity

and war, performing their respective duties

May all enjoy the bliss of everlasting peaceand happiness thereby


Blessing for rain:  (3 times)

May there be rainfall in adequate strength

So that rivers and lakes and tanks and wells are filled to the brim!

May people live in prosperity through ennoblement of character



The rain may pour on all parts of the world timely and sufficiently

Food grains may grow abundantly to the satisfaction of all living beings

The leaders of all nations may progress in

Spiritual knowledge and do good services to humanity

The whole world may enjoy prosperity happiness and peace


21.   May the whole world enjoy prosperity, happiness and peace.

                                                                              - 3 times.

22.   Peace prevail in me. Peace prevail around me. Peace prevail around the world. Peace Peace Peace  .

* * * * *