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SKY Meditation Center, BayArea (SKYBayArea), a California 501(c) non-profit is affiliated to the WORLD COMMUNITY SERVICE CENTRE (WCSC) India. - a non-profit , non-religious, non-political organization, promoting World Peace through Individual Peace.


    Think of the questions your customers ask most frequently and write them here along     with the answers.     
Q: What is World Community Service Center (WCSC) ?
A: World Community Service Center - found by Philosopher Vethathiri to attain World Peace. Vethathiri believes in 'Donating Knowledge is many times valuable than donating food'. He found a systematic approach for the Human Excellence by simplifying complex Yoga  practices by  Indian Yogis, with common science to common men. 
Q: What is the Mission of WCSC?
Q: How do you achieve the Mission of WCSC?
A: Individual Peace brings Family peace. Family peace brings Community Peace. Community Peace brings World Peace. So, Vethathiri starts with individuals to cleanse their body, mind and surroundings.  Blessing / Greeting / Auto suggestion (Check out Meditation Guidance) by every member every time will bring the positive waves around the world.
Q: What is SKY?     
A: SKY - Simplified Kundalini Yoga found by Vethathiri  Maharishi for the human excellence and as part of World Community  Service Center. Note 'SIMPLIFIED' - is the big and great innovation of  Vethathiri. A system that contains all walks of life, Science, Psychology, Health, Mind, Ecology, Space, Waves, Communication, etc.
Q: What is Kundalini?
A: Kundalini - is the Life Force or Life Energy. Kundalini Yoga helps to understand and realize the Life Energy , preserve it , regulate it and  apply it to the right place and right amount.
Q: Is it religious?
A: NO. ALL THE PRACTICES AND WHOLE ORGANIZATION IS NON RELIGIOUS. COMMON FOR EVERY HUMAN BEING IN THE WORLD. Though the Simplified Kundalini Yoga practices are derived from Hindu Saints , Vethathiri simplified all these techniques and  teachings , are explained in common science  to common men. Thus the benefits enjoyed and limited only to the great Yogis, are brought to the average family men and children.
Q: Is Simplified Kundalini Yoga difficult to practice?
A: Very easy to feel your own Life Force with a little help of a  SKY Master initially - who just walking few steps ahead of you. And you too can. This is completely simplified for family men , women and children , explained in common science.
Q: Why should I practice SKY?
A: You need not have to practice SKY. You can follow any system that foster "A Peaceful World" and make effective positive changes in individaul. SKY is all about Human Excellence - it teaches a basic and common life science we already partially know of. It teaches to understand your inner body system ( functions of glands , blood, etc), outer body exercise, mind, bio magnetism, space magnetism, every day communication, success , many thing that every human being to be taught at first place. SKY teaches you priceless life science almost at no cost.
Q: What is the Cost?
A: To attend Group meditations in local SKY Centers or Online meditation , there is no cost in most centers. (Some centers may collect little yearly donations like $5/$10) . For
INTROSPECTION Cources (1,2,3,4)   $50 Donation . Mostly 2 days lectures , meals included.
BRHAMMA GNANAM , MASTER, ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, KAYAKALPA Courses: $50 - $ 75 Donation per person.  Mostly 2 days lectures , meals included.
Again this is 'Not for profit' organization, Volunteered by well wishers of every human being. Donations are Tax deductible in the US. But remember THE BENEFITS ARE PRICELESS.
Q: What are the regular activities?
A: Week ends Group Meditations at local SKY Centers. Week days ONLINE Meditation all 5 days. Hike and Bless events, World Peace day celebrations etc. Check out Events OVerview
Q: How does online SKY Meditation Work?
A: Online meditation helps individual take a brain shower by doing SKY meditation from their own place , but still joining with the Group of people and their mind frequency. This purifies the waves and energy in yourself , in your home and around the world altogether. Its also a Green World initiative. Check out SKY Bay area - Online for instruction.
Q: Where is a near by SKY Center? A: Simplified Kundalini Yoga Centers are available all over the world as part of World Community Service Center. Check out these links for San Francisco bay area: SKY Bay area - Contact Us and for the other part of world: